Smart Technology Living Lab


The Smart Technology Living Lab was established at the University of Canberra in June 2017. It is led by Professor Deborah Lupton from the Faculty of Arts & Design.





The Living Lab serves as a way to bring stakeholders together with researchers to engage in problem solving and ideas generation related to users’ experiences of smart technologies. We use social and design research methods to facilitate participants from community groups, not-for-profit organisations, government and industry to work on a specific topic to find solutions and imagine new ways of doing things. Our approach is interested in the here-and-now but also the future. We are interested in discovering what smart technologies are working well for people, how they use them, and what the future might hold for further developments. We conduct participatory workshops on a range of issues related to smart technologies, including digital health, social media, digital games and play, food-related digital technologies, data privacy and security, and self-tracking devices such as apps, smart watches and wearable technologies.

Team members are drawn from the Faculty’s sociology, media and communication, design and international studies researchers.


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